SUE: Sick set, Toyah. We always love seeing you. We know you've been really busy lately, you've been doing the Electric Ladies Tour -

TOYAH: Yeah, that was amazing! Lene Lovich, myself, Saffron from Republica (below with Toyah). It was absolutely magic

SUE: You’ve been waiting a long time to do it. Originally, Hazel was -

TOYAH: Well, two years ago it was me and Hazel O'Connor and Hazel is recovering. She had a bleed on the brain. She is recovering but she's not ready to perform. So we went out on the road, we did the dates, we're getting a percentage of the profits to Hazel so she doesn't have to hurry back to work. And then we sold her merchandise so she gets all that money

SUE: That’s amazing. We've interviewed her a couple of times here and she's just such a lovely lady. So glad to see she's doing well

TOYAH: She's improving and she can talk now which is amazing

SUE: Brilliant news. Over lockdown, I know a lot of people have spoken about it but your videos have just gone mad. It really is a part of your outrageous side or artistic side. It worked for you, didn’t it?

TOYAH: It did. I think the timing was aligning with the stars. That's all I can say because to release a 29 second video and suddenly have the whole world watching you is breathtaking and two years later, to have tour offers and TV offers from around the world. Just because of these 90 second videos we now post is just … you couldn't write about it and have people believe it. So it's been quite a wonderful experience

SUE: And you’re doing a tour, aren’t you?

TOYAH: 2023 we're doing the Toyah and Robert Sunday Lunch tour

SUE: So what will that involve?

TOYAH: It's going to involve absolutely fantastic rock music. My husband loves my band. So we're slotting him into my band. We have a huge screen. We're telling the story of (it) but it's really a rock show with great humour

SUE: It's fantastic. And I read that you got your first assistant in so many years, 38 years years?

Yeah, he's on holiday today (sighs ironically)

SUE: You’re just so busy. You've got two albums in the offing -

Got 3 now. So we've got the reimagining of an album called “In The Court Of The Crimson Queen” that went to number 19 about three years ago. That's been re-recorded with my husband on and a very famous world male singer is on it. That's been released in January. “Anthem”, my gold album has been re-released from 1981 in September. That's just gonna go straight into charts. And we're doing “Posh Pop 2”. So yeah, it's very busy

SUE: And you had to turn down the Jubilee bus because you’re so busy -

TOYAH: I was in Edinburgh. Yeah. I supposed to be on it with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell ...

SUE: Oh, well, you've got so much going on anyway. I've got two really quick questions from our followers. 1. Mary Fletcher asked what's your advice for stage fright and audition nerves? She acts and she’s aware that you act too

TOYAH: I find this quite easy to answer but hard to practice. You've got to remember the audience want to love you. The audience is there to see you. The audience is there to escape into what you're doing. So forget about yourself. Enjoy it and enjoy the moment.

Brilliant. That’s a great answer. Thank you. And finally, Laura Burkin asks Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” has had phenomenal success due to “Stranger Things”. There's another series. Which of your songs do you think would fit into another series of “Stranger Things”?

Well, six of my songs have just gone to LA. I can't tell you which ...
SUE: Ooh, that’s really exciting


SUE: Have you been watching “Stranger Things?”

TOYAH: Yeah, love it. Absolutely love it. And you can guess the whole world wants to wants to be in “Stranger Things” now. But we had a request last week and a meeting last week and we sent six songs over

SUE: That’s amazing! So fingers crossed!

Well, fingers crossed

SUE: Lovely to talk to you, Toyah

All right, thank you very much. Thank you


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