RYLAN: I've got an absolute icon on the show  - it's the one and only Toyah! Hello gorgeous!

TOYAH: Hello wonderful! How are you?!

RYLAN: I'm really good. Toyah, do you know what, this is why you're such a legend - tell everyone where you are currently?

TOYAH: I am in the middle of the Atlantic on the "Britannia" doing shows because I open in Proud Cabaret (below) on the 4th of November at the Embassy Theatre (London). So we're running material on this ship so that when we open on the 4th I'm up and running on all cylinders

RYLAN: You're living your Jane McDonald life at moment aren't you?

TOYAH: I tell you what - it is such a privilege. We have so much fun on this boat. The audiences are great, the crew are great. After a year of not being able to do anything this is heaven.

RYLAN: Absolutely, I can imagine. I've never in my life been on a cruise ship but I reckon I'd have a lovely time

Take your mum. You would both love it!

RYLAN: She'd end up overboard. Trust me, I'll give you two days, she would be straight over the edge.
Obviously you're going to be working at Proud but tell me about the new album?

TOYAH: The new album has been amazing. Lockdown ironically kept artists like me from travelling all the time, which meant that I could get on, write and record "Posh Pop".

It's been phenomenal. It went number one across the board. Written during lockdown. My wonderful husband Robert Fripp is performing on it. And my co-writer is Simon Darlow - he wrote "Slave To The Rhythm" for Grace Jones -

RYLAN: Oh my goodness!

TOYAH: Yeah, I know. We locked ourselves away in a studio and we just came up with this - really the best album of my entire career. I'm 63, it's taken a long time -

RYLAN: You ain't 63! You look 23! Leave it out, Toyah!

TOYAH: I love you!

RYLAN: So "Posh Pop", the new album, tell fans what to expect from it?

TOYAH: I think it's going to be a timeless album and I'm bigging it up, because I really believe in it. It's about us. It's about community, it's about love, and how we contact each other. It's very very up. I want people to dance. Songs like "Space Dance" which is about a spaceman trying to date in outer space - 

RYLAN: Of course it is!

TOYAH: Which is comparison to not being able to date in lockdown -

RYLAN: Tell me about it!

TOYAH: You've got songs like "Levitate", which just lifts you out of your home and into an open space when we weren't allowed to go out. It's a very passionate album. I'm touring it as well so when I'm not in Proud Cabaret I'm doing the "Posh Pop" tour so it's busy busy time, and I'm loving it. I'm making up for losing a year -

RYLAN: Absolutely and it's a proper euphoric album as well. We're going to play "Rhythm In My House" in a minute but it's proper uplifting, this album, and it's exactly what we want from Toyah

TOYAH: It's a big hug. It says that you, me, all of us are the same person. We've been through the same thing, and we value each other even more now. It's a big musical hug.

RYLAN: That's exactly what we want, babe. I'm so thrilled that you're well and living your best life in the middle of the Atlantic. I'm surprised the lines held up actually -

TOYAH: So am I!

RYLAN: Toyah, it's always the biggest pleasure to speak to you. The album "Posh Pop" is out now, go and get it. We love Toyah. We're going to play
"Rhythm In My House" now. Stay safe and stay well and I can't wait to see you on tour!

TOYAH: Thank you so much! Come to Proud Cabaret! You will love it! 

RYLAN: Oh, try and keep me away, Toyah! I'm going to be there - front row!

TOYAH: OK! Thank you so much!

RYLAN: Lots of love, Toyah! Safe travels! Bon voyage!

TOYAH: Bon voyage!
You can listen to the interview HERE


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