23 October, 2006



SONG: "Thunder In The Mountains"

NARRATOR: Toyah Willcox is one of Britain’s most versatile performers. She first made her mark on screen in Derek Jarman's film “Jubilee”. She’s acted with greats like Olivier and Hepburn and has gone from punk icon to -

CLIP from "I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here "

TOYAH: (in a lake of mud): Texas chainsaw massacre! 

NARRATOR: To a reality show star.

TOYAH: (in mud) It’s … hell!

NARRATOR: Toyah’s career is one any dad would be proud of.

(On his own)

BERIC: To suddenly find your daughter important, almost everybody in the country knows her name, it’s a thrill you can’t describe.

(Walking towards her dad's boat)

TOYAH: Hello there! Dad? 

BERIC: Hello!

TOYAH: Hello, it’s meee! 

BERIC: Hello, come aboard!

TOYAH: How are you? You alright? 

BERIC: Mind you don’t slip. Yeah, I’m fine.

TOYAH: Yeah, a bit muddy. 

BERIC: How are you?

TOYAH: Yeah, good.

(Sitting down at a table in the boat)


TOYAH: What was I like as a child? 

BERIC: You were a fortunate child because you came last and therefore we had more time to spend with you. We used to watch the wrestling matches and then we’d go into the sun parlour and -

TOYAH: Wrestle! (laughs)

BERIC: I could get you down easily at first-

TOYAH: That’s rubbish! 

BERIC: Second time, third time, fourth time - but you kept coming back up! And you gradually exhausted me until I was lying flat out and that's always how it ended up!

TOYAH: By then I was knackered! 

BERIC: No, you were a lovely kid really … (Toyah with her pet rabbit, below)

TOYAH: But not so much when I was a teenager? 

BERIC: No, no bother.

(On her own)

TOYAH: It was a very tactile time but then when I kind of started growing older some kind of monster hormone came into me and from about the age of eleven upwards. I mean I haven’t cuddled my mum since I was eleven, I don’t think I’ve even kissed my dad since I was eleven. I just became an absolute horror. I was brought up in a middle class family and I just rebelled against it, big time!


(On his own)

BERIC: We had an awful lot of fun together and you couldn’t have had a nicer child really. She likes to think she was totally evil but she wasn’t. She was just full of character.

(Sitting at the table)

TOYAH: My elder sister and my elder brother left home, went and found work and there was just you, me and mum left. And really we had no money at all? 

BERIC: No, because I lost the business you see.

TOYAH: I can remember you crying on some nights … y’know it was quite distressing for a teenager not being able to help ones’s own parents which I think gave me a very strong work ethic. 

BERIC: Could be, could be.

(On his own)

BERIC: I did loose a very big business, had to take a takeover bid in the end, which sort of brought my career to an end. But her career was just coming up then.

(On her own)

TOYAH: As I was growing up and becoming more rebellious, my parents were absolutely convinced that there was no future for me. They truly believed that I was going to end up a drug addict, an alcoholic, in prison, y’know everything, everything that a parent doesn’t want to have happen to their child! (laughs)

And then punk came along and I started dying my hair and wearing dust bin liners and just disappearing for weeks on end. I think they were as worried as anyone could be, y’mean it must’ve been awful for them.

SONG: "I Want To be Free"

(Sitting at the table)

BERIC: It was amazing how you went, just like a rocket, that’s how I can think of it. You had success after success. I knew you were going to make it. I was in London doing some business and there was a record shop playing out loud and I listened to it and thought “God, that’s Toyah!” We knew you were going to make it!


TOYAH: So you’d come and see me when I played Birmingham which was Birmingham Odeon … 

BERIC: Yeah, that was a thrill. Thought the bloody balcony was going to collapse!

TOYAH: Why? 

BERIC: Well, it was going like this (makes a heaving movement up and down) And everybody was screaming "Toyahhhh!" Just imagine, just ordinary middle class parents hearing their daughter shouted at like that.

(On her own)

TOYAH: They were always quite concerned for me because fan behaviour back then was hysterical and I remember one incident in the Birmingham Odeon where I got mobbed and thrown to the floor and there was about 30 blokes just on top of me. My father said that was a particularly terrifying thing to see.

SONG: "Thunder In The Mountains"

NARRATOR: By 1983 the punk princess was looking for new challenges. Acting provided them.

(Sitting at the table)

BERIC: Do you remember when you did “Trafford Tanzi”?

TOYAH: Yeah? 

BERIC: And we all came and we came all along those corridors to get to the Mermaid Theatre ...

TOYAH: Yeah? 

BERIC: And on all the walls is “We love Toyah”-

TOYAH: Well yeah the fans graffitied - 

BERIC: It was absolutely tremendous thrilling that was and afterwards when we went out and met the fans, you didn’t, and how wonderful they were -

TOYAH: They were incredible, there was 300 fans camping outside the theatre - 

BERIC: Yeah and we went amongst them -

TOYAH: Yeah - 

BERIC: Mum and dad ... and they were so nice to us.

NARRATOR: Shakespearian roles followed and Toyah was even brave enough to compete in “Royal It’s A Knockout”. But her bravery was tested most when she agreed to spend 15 days in the Australian rain forest with some the world’s most dangerous reptiles. And those were just her fellow celebrities!

(On her own)

TOYAH: I knew it would be a lot of adverse, quite ugly press because that’s the nature of the program.

CLIP from “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” (below) 

TOYAH: Right - I’ll do my best everyone! 

EVERYBODY: Yeah, let’s go!

(On her own)

TOYAH: Dad told me when I got out, he said he came here to my main home and he watched ITV2 all day long because they had 24 hour coverage and he said he felt awful, absolutely awful seeing me eating and sleeping and living in the jungle. He said he couldn’t sleep for two weeks, it was that bad for him.

CLIP from “Celeb”

TOYAH: I’m not going to be killed, I’m going to make the most of this!

WAYNE SLEEP: Give us a sexy walk across the bridge!

(Sitting at the table) 

BERIC: Well you were obviously very ill the first week, very ill and you know you were ill because the doctors there just about saved you. We could see you going downhill.


CLIP from “Celeb”:

ANT: For Toyah it was dirt. Obsessed by hygiene and cleanliness, tonight’s tea would be earned in HELL!

(Sitting at the table)

BERIC: You tried so hard to get a Bush Tucker thing- whatever it was-

TOYAH: Yeah. 

BERIC: And you kept missing out.

CLIP from “Celeb”: (In the mud lake)

TOYAH: I can’t find these stars, WHERE ARE THEY?!

BERIC: In the end you got one in all that mud and muck.

(On her own)

TOYAH: I kind of tend to think about my parents after my event, they know I’m too much of free spirit to try and control me anyway and also they know I’m a survivor.

(On his own)

BERIC: She’s been so wonderful to her parents, she really is a very generous super kid. She’s provided all the excitement any parent could possibly expect. And as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.


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