HOST: We will, at this stage of the evening, say hello to Toyah Willcox. Thank you ever so much for joining us!


HOST: Are you impressed by these romantic people, sat on our panel tonight?

I think they’re marvellous. When I was their age I was so giggly and silly over Valentine’s. The first I ever received a Valentine’s was last year. I was 21 last year!

HOST: Shame! (Toyah laughs)

TOYAH: If I’d received one at the age of 16 I would’ve had a heart attack

HOST: Toyah, do you think it’s … no, I can’t say that – unethical, that’s not the right word but do you think it isn’t right for ladies to send cards to gentlemen? Do you think that’s far too much?

TOYAH: It’s a drag. I don’t buy Valentine’s, I make them and the ruder I can make them the better. I cut out acne adverts and stick them on piece of card and send them off (everybody laughs) I have great fun with things like that!

HOST: I’m sure you do! If you ever received a card with an acne advert on the front –

TOYAH: It’s boring as a woman not to have the right to ask a man out etc etc. I have never even thought about not being allowed to send a Valentine’s or if you’re being too promiscuous


HOST: Do you remember your first date, Toyah? Is it something that is special to you? How were you asked?


HOST: How were you asked out on your first date?

On my first date I asked the boy out because no one would dream of asking me out! (audience laughs) I was 13 and it was the first mixed party I’d ever been invited to. I was the one who was left behind because no one would ask me so I invited the boy

HOST: What was his reaction?

TOYAH: He said yes - that was good enough for me! (everybody laughs)

HOST: There’s no real answer to that. Have you been asked out by somebody who you felt, well, I really don’t want to –

TOYAH: I’m asked that every time I play with my band. I’m just very polite. I’d been persisted to the point last year where I had a guy following me around everywhere and breaking into my home with very rude message scrawled on walls. And he used to phone me up every day with very filthy phone calls

I’ve been persisted to that point by a man who started off once he’d taken me out and then it got further and further until had to get the police to try and arrest him

But I’ve never ever been pursued by a man that I know of. I get little boy fans following me about and I’m always very polite to them but never to the point of being –

HOST: You seem ... you know! But being serious – do you think it’s better, Toyah, to say no immediately or maybe make an excuse -

Oh, of course. If you’re going to be silly and play around with guys emotions then you’re asking for trouble. You deserve what you get

That’s very philosophical

(Later in the show)

TOYAH: I’ve never ever worried about this equality thing before. As far as I’m concerned you’re a living being. I pay for everything in my relationship with my fiance (Tom, above with Toyah in 1983) because I support him

If the record company take me out then I make sure they pay and they take me to the most expensive restaurant!

HOST: You’re in a very invidious position. We ought not really look too closely to the entertainment business, where there are some pretty unique situations, aren’t there?

Right. I’ve never worried who owes who, who pays for what. It’s who ever has got the most money in the pocket

HOST: Have you had any real upsets in your life as far as emotions are concerned because we’ve been on a very up mode so far, let’s look at the other way a little …

TOYAH: I’ve been permanently in love with someone. As far as I can remember I used to have a permanent crush on somebody. Whether it was feasible or not but I should have a crush on somebody. Everyone I’ve had a crush on has lead to heartbreak. I don’t why!

But I could count about 12 people I’ve had a crush on for the past 20 years as far back as I can remember. I went out with someone when I was 13 and when that finished I never went out with anyone again until I was 20

And that is now a very permanent relationship. I live with the guy and I’m very happy. But I always have dreadful crushes!


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