PETE MORGAN: One of the biggest music stars to come out of the West Midlands is finally being recognised. Toyah Willcox is the first person to be put on the King’s Heath Walk Of Fame, which is aiming to recognise the area’s musical and comedy heritage. We can speak to Toyah now. Good Morning!

TOYAH: (on the phone) Hey! Good Morning! How are you?

PETE: I’m not so bad. How are you?

TOYAH: I’m really excited!

PETE: (laughs) I’m sure you are! It’s fantastic!

TOYAH: I only live 30 miles south of Birmingham and the sky is clearing ... it’s starting to look really good and at 11.30 today we unveil my star!

PETE: You grew upon Grove Road? Just round the corner from King’s Heath Park?

TOYAH: I was conceived and born at Grove Road!

PETE: I love it when we share details of that nature! (Toyah and Pete laugh)

TOYAH: I wasn’t there at the time, I was told!

PETE: No! (laughs) What was it like?

TOYAH: King’s Heath was incredibly different than today. I feel rooted in King’s Heath because of my grandfather. I've learned from family stories that he walked from Lincoln trying to get work and he ended up at King’s Heath where he met his wife. He became a construction engineer and he built quite a lot of King’s Heath and quite a lot of places in Birmingham

So I feel deeply rooted there. It was a wonderful place. I remember the park being beautiful. It had rabbits and other animals in it. I was always shopping up and down the High Street with my mother. So I have really strong memories. The first time I ever went to the cinema was to the King’s Way, which is probably where I got my first taste of show business

PETE: And it’s never left!

TOYAH: No, it’s never left!

PETE: Do you know where the star is going to be?

TOYAH: Yeah, it’s outside the Hare & Hounds on York Road where there used to be The Ritz ballroom - which has an incredible history!

PETE: Yeah!

TOYAH: Jerry Lee Lewis played there, Helen Shapiro, Gene Vincent, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles! So I’m the first and I believe Led Zeppelin are going to be next

PETE: Is there many times that you could say “I was before Led Zeppelin”!?


PETE: Exactly!

TOYAH: And how fantastic! That’s going straight on my CV!

PETE: (laughs) You don’t need a CV, surely?!

TOYAH: Well, it all helps! Especially with someone as cool as Led Zeppelin!

PETE: Exactly! Toyah, have a wonderful day today! Sounds like you’re going to!

TOYAH: I think we are and I’m going to be playing the Hare & Hounds tonight –

PETE: Really?!

TOYAH: We’re doing a massive two hour set. A complete retrospective. So anyone that wants to come and hear the music, come along. We’re on at 8 o’clock at the Hare & Hounds

PETE: So just a free for all?

TOYAH: Well, I mean –

PETE: Anyone could turn up? It’s not a ticketed event?

TOYAH: It is a ticketed event but I’ve got fans out there that might not know this is happening today so come down! Let’s party!

PETE: Fantastic! Lovely to speak to you, Toyah!


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